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Welcome To My Blog –

Welcome to my blog –

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to firstly thank you for checking out my website but also to let you know what’s to come in terms of content for my new blog.

Along with snapshots from all my future weddings you will also be able to find here information about me and my photography along with my thoughts on all things wedding photography. I will be putting together information for wedding clients on the important things to look for when hiring a wedding photographer for your big day and sharing real life tips for ensuring you get the most from your wedding photographs.

Along with great information for wedding photography I will also be sharing some of my other photography pursuits and including awards and competition photography that I actively take part in so that you can see all aspects of my photography.

So bookmark the page (Ctrl + D) and be sure to check back often for more updates.

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