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Hull Fair 2018 Walk Around

Hull Fair 2018 Walk Around

With the lure of brandy snaps and toffee apples last night I headed to one of Europe’s largest travelling funfairs, Hull Fair with the aim of collecting some Hull Fair Photographs. Based in Kingston upon Hull, Hull Fair rolls in to town for one week a year every October and Unlike other small local fairs, Hull Fair attracts rides, attractions, and travellers from a wide variety of different regions from around the country.

Walking around the fair you find a plethora of stalls offering foods from all over the world, palmistry, tarot card readings, glowing windmills and many other weired and wonderful items. It is a great atmosphere and a real treat for all the senses with much to see, lots of funfair type loud music and amazing food smells and tastes!

Here are my Hull Fair Photographs.

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